AFL Winding down

Hey fans! Lucas May again from the Surprise Rafters. This week was definately a little better than the last week for our team.  Breaking a 10+ game losing streak and stringing a couple of wins together definately felt better than losing.  Sometimes over the course of a season a team will get locked into either winning or losing.  For us it was the losing we just couldn’t shake, but I definitely see things turing around as we won 3 games this week and scored the most runs we’ve scored yet en route to beating Peoria 11-4.

All it took was a couple of wins to get our team loosened up in the clubhouse before real personalities came out.  This past week and a half were filled with the typical pranks that ballplayers pull on each other.  From buckets of cold water in the shower to gum bubbles on top of hats, to coming in from a game and having someone’s personal belongings duct-taped into a tight ball only to be cut free with a hunting knife.  The good thing about the Fall League is that no matter what the team record is, it is easy to recognize the great things that are done on the field by individuals.  The point of playing a baseball game is to win, everyone understands that, but when a team is compiled of 5 different organizations who all preach to their players that their organization is most important, it’s easier to look at individual positives on the team and to put the losses into short term memory.

So far, my favorite thing about the Fall League is meeting the new people who I will play against for years to come. It’s interesting to see the differences from organization to organization.  Some teams have rules about how high  (or low) they can wear their pants and some don’t care.  Some have strict rules on facial hair and some allow it.  It is also interesting to see the differences in the finer details of the game itself.  Some clubs who are big on walks and OBP tend to play a different way than clubs who don’t necessarily stress those.  In no way am I saying one way is better or worse, it’s just a finer detail that you don’t notice unless you play with a group of guys for months. 

As for myself I am greatful for being healthy thus far and catching every other day.  I feel like I’ve learned a great deal about our pitchers and it’s fun to see a result in a win and to shake hands after a game. 

I’ll be back Monday with another entry.  Thanks for checking up!  See ya guys!

One comment

  1. oldbrooklynfan

    You looked like you had a lot of talent when you played with the Dodgers. At the moment it doesn’t look like the Dodgers are in need of a catcher and that might be for awhile now.
    But something tells me you’re going to have a wonderful career, even if it isn’t with us. STAY HEALTHY

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